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Welcome to Auburn Leathercrafters

At Auburn Leathercrafters, we are dedicated to supplying retail pet shops with the products that sell. You will appreciate the quality craftsmanship of our handcrafted products, using the finest full grain leathers and materials. We believe our customers must be given the best possible service and the best quality products. Most importantly to us, our business ethics and conduct must be beyond reproach and consistent with our faith.

Watch a brief video of the history of Auburn Leathercrafters by clicking here  and learn a little about our staff by visiting our Customer Service page.

Featured Products

Baseball. Football. Tug-of-War. Hide-and-Seek. No matter your sport, we have the dog-and cat - toys for you. During the month of October, all Dog Toys are 10% off. This includes Tug Toys and Fetch-and-Retrieve Toys, All-Natural 100% Sourced Cotton and Leather Tug Toys, and Catnip Mice and  Kitty Faces. Plus, all Hudson Bay Collars are 10% of - all this through the month of October, 2015!


Tug Toys

10% off during the month of October, 2015

All-Natural Cotton and Leather Tug Toys

10% off during the month of October, 2015

Toss-and-Retrieve Toys

10% off during the month of October, 2015

Tug Toys

10% off during the month of October, 2015

Tug Toys

10% off during the month of October, 2015

Tug Toys

10% off during the month of October, 2015


There are still a few Clearance Items available! We are getting close to having the space we need for our new lines, but there are still a few remaining items left in stock. You can log in to see remaining items or phone the latest availability. Until they are gone, you can receive 50% off the following collars and leashes:Iron Cross Collars, and Texas Star Collars and Leashes. Just added: 50% off all remaining Tracking Harnesses, 3-Row Spiked Collars, and 3-Row Spiked Heirloom Collars.

3-Row Spiked Collars

Sizes 28" and 30" 50% off until gone

3-Row Spiked Heirloom Collars

Sizes 28" and larger 50% off until gone


Current News


One of our favorite things to do here at Auburn Leathercrafters is design new dog collars and leashes with you, the conscientious business owner, in mind. We work hard to find materials and methods that will ensure your customers will be able to enjoy their purchases for a very long time. If you are familiar with our products and service, you will know that we sincerely believe that value is far more than a number on a price tag. It is with this in mind that we are continuously developing new items for introduction.

At this years' SuperZoo, we announced several new items. One of the most popular was our Padded Leather Collars and Leashes. This line features strudy and beautiful bridle leather lined with a folded soft leather, making a comfortable and very attractive collar and leash set. Also introduced at SuperZoo 2015 was a pink version of our Camouflage Collars and Leashes. Our Manhattan Patent Leather Collars and Leashes introduced in the spring are popular as people start planning for the Christmas/Holiday season. New to our line-up of Bell Door Hangers is our a Yellow Lab. We don't why we didn't think of this before!

Announcing Leather Brite Conditioner, Brightener and Water-Proofer

Are your customers looking for a way to keep their collars and leashes looking new? We love Leather Brite, a very special, highly effective protector and water proofer for collars and leashes - and leather shoes and handbags and leather ottomans and automotive upholstery and....well, you get the picture. Give it a try and let us know what you think. (For a limited time, request your free bottle with a qualifying purchase.)

Visit our Leather Brite web page for more information.


"Every day we strive to provide the best products and the best service to our customers, no matter how large or how small. Please accept our heart-felt thank you for your continued support as we celebrate our 65th year of business."

Anita Dungey, President

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