a tail we could wag Cotton and Leather Belt


  • Handmade Guatemalan cotton weave
  • Beautiful vibrant colors
  • Leather ends
  • Cotton webbing lined
  • Solid brass buckle
  • At the Beach Bahama
  • At the Beach Catalina
  • At the Beach Nantucket
  • Block Island Blue
  • Block Island Coffee
  • Block Island Sand
  • Classic Denim
  • Classic Red, White, and Blue
  • Fiesta
  • Foolish Fish Green
  • Foolish Fish Red
  • Harborside Daybreak
  • Harvest Chevron
  • Laguna Brava
  • Moab Juniper
  • Moab Sky
  • Mystic
  • Rasta
  • Seasons Autumn
  • Sun Valley Day
  • Sun Valley Holiday
  • Sun Valley Night
  • Traditional Earth


This belt is perfect with jeans or chinos, in the office or on the golf course, on vacation or hard at work.

In keeping with the soft grain and casual appearance of our leather, we backed our hand-woven designs with a natural cotton web. When we added the solid brass buckle, we knew we had designed a belt that would last a lifetime.

The colorful, hand-woven fabrics tell the story of the hands who weave them. This is more than just a good-looking belt: it is a belt with a purpose of helping women who have struggled for decades in the midst of the turmoil. (Read a little about the women who lovingly create the patterns that we then bring to our shop in Auburn, NY, to create our belts, collars, leashes, and key fobs. They are really the creative ones. To them, we say, “Thank you.”)

  • colorful, hand-woven designs
  • soft, custom leather tip
  • durable cotton backing
  • breathable cotton, perfect for summer wear
  • solid brass buckle

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At the Beach Bahama, At the Beach Catalina, At the Beach Nantucket, Block Island Blue, Block Island Coffee, Block Island Sand, Classic Denim, Classic Red, White, and Blue, Fiesta, Foolish Fish Green, Foolish Fish Red, Harborside Daybreak, Harvest Chevron, Laguna Brava, Moab Juniper, Moab Sky, Mystic, Rasta, Seasons Autumn, Sun Valley Day, Sun Valley Holiday, Sun Valley Night, Traditional Earth


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