Sparky’s Multi-Function Leash: A versatile dog leash produced from durable vinyl coated webbing that is an improvement on the standard nylon. This vinyl Leash can be used as standard 5 ft lead, slip lead, or variable length lead. We list a few ways you might use this leash below. Strong. Versatile. Available in a variety of colors. Perfect for most any situation.
-Standard 5 ft leash
-Snap hooks together and sling over your shoulder
-Snap to floating ring and wear around your waist for hands-free dog walking
-Snap to floating ring and use as a slip leash or supervised tether
-Snap to fixed ring for a 4 ft leash
-Snap to other fixed ring for a 3 ft leash
-Hold in middle and snap one end to each dog’s collar to walk two dogs at once
(Sizes are approximate)